Mido Flap Disc – Grit 40, 60, 80

Flap discs and wheels are suitable for:

  • Grinding and finishing of welds.
  • Debarring, rust removal and snagging.
  • Suitable for most ferrous & non-ferrous materials.
  • Excellent for surface finishing.


  • Flap discs A/O: Aluminum oxide coated, for alloy steel and low-alloy steel.
  • Flap discs Z/A: Zirconium Alumina coated, for high-alloy, stainless, and heat-treated steel; high-tensile, non ferrous metals.
  • Flap discs S/C: Silicon Carbide coated, for marble, stone, glass, and non ferrous metals.


Material Aluminum
Size 4inch 5inch 7 inch
Grit 40, 60, 80
Speed (RPM) 3000Rpm