AICO Air Compressor (Petrol) – 35L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L

• 35L, 50L, 100L, 150L and 200L tanks capacity
• Gauges
• Auto on/off on full and empty tank
• Portable on wheels
• Commercial standard


We are a leading supplier of the AICO air compressor brands. We have partnered directly with AICO to ensure that we avail this quality brand to you at the best prices. AICO brands are known for reliability and effectiveness.

With AICO air compressors you are able to work full-time with minimal downtime. This coupled with the fact that the air compressor doesn’t consume much energy means more profits in your pockets. We ensure that you get the real AICO brand and not any fake products masquerading to be the real thing. We understand air compressors so well and therefore give the best advice possible on matters concerning AICO brands and air compressors in general.

AICO is a renowned brand also for durability and reliability. With an authentic AICO brand you are assured to have a product that will serve you well in the future. These air compressors are also a great option for those people looking to start a business that rents out machinery to those that need them for a project, but do not want to buy their own or do not have the upfront cash investment required. This brand is a favorite because of how it keeps operating costs down with high runtimes.

We also have different capacities in stock to cater for different requirements. AICO air compressors have a slow running pump for quiet operation and an increased longevity. First time shoppers and those without any knowledge of air compressors should not have to worry when buying from us. This is because we offer all required information and guidance pre and post purchase.